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Does your truck lean or ride too low in the rear?

Do you need to haul a heavier load?
Are you wearing out front tires too soon?

Custom Springs, Inc. can eliminate these problems. If there is too much weight on the vehicle or being towed by the vehicle, it will cause the suspension, leaf springs and coils to sit improperly which can damage the tire or the vehicle itself and additionally create unsafe driving conditions. Custom Springs, Inc. provides the extra support to handle the weight you need to carry or haul without damaging your vehicle or trailer.

Why Choose Custom Springs, Inc.?

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Custom Repair and Installation Services For:

Vans • Cars

OTR Trucks and Trailers

Dump Trucks • Armored Vans

Antiques • Classics

Street Rods • Hot Rods

Hendrickson Walking Beams Rebushed • Taper Leaf Springs  • Spring Pins and Bushings • Taper Extra Leaves • U Bolts