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Locally Owned & Operated since 1982

Suspensions for all your needs.

Pick-Ups, Vans, Dump Trucks, Antiques, Semi Truck & Trailers

Do you need to haul a heavier load?
Are you low in the rear?
Does your truck lean?
Are you wearing out front tires too soon?

Full service and repair of utility,  landscape, and equipment trailers.

We have a fully stocked warehouse for all your utility trailer needs.

Custom Spring & Trailer can help. We sell new leaf springs & can repair your broken ones. We have Helpers & Overloads so you can tow that trailer or haul that occasional load without losing your empty ride.

We specialize in vehicles for the service industry. We can beef up your suspension so your bumper won’t scrape those driveways.

If you have a van, pickup truck, or work truck that is low in the rear, we can get that vehicle back to the proper ride height so you won’t rock & sway or wear your front tires prematurely.

So if you are a Plumber, Carpenter, Painter, or Electrician, we have the solution for your trucks, trailers, vans & pick-ups. We also work on Dump Trucks & Over-the-Road trucks.

Locally Owned & Operated since 1982

Hendrickson Walking Beams Rebushed

Taper Leaf Springs

Spring Pins and Bushings

Taper Extra Leaves

U Bolts

Semi Trailer

Semi Rear

Pickup Rear

Dump Truck

Semi Front

4x4 Front

Factory Standard

Custom Spring Enhancement